Monday, 15 April 2013

Swatch Fest

I recently trimmed my nails down to neat nubs in preparation for the start of netball season. For those of you who don't know netball, regulations state that your nails can't exceed the tip of your finger. This rule was created after someone had their eyeball gauged out during a game, oh wait, that never happened. Lucky they have this rule. Not.

I spent the majority of last season having to do a Houdini and disappear when the umpires checked our nails before the match. This year, I saved myself the hassle and lopped them off. 

You might be thinking "wow Ash, that's such a fascinating anecdote, I'm so glad you shared it. But what is the point?". The point is, rather than swatch the Miss Ashleigh collection on my shorties, I enlisted the help of two lovely Australian nail nuts to do it for me. And now I want to share those swatches with you! I will share them in two installments. 

These first swatches are by Belinda, you can find her on Instagram as @nailingaround. She is a flawless swatcher and her Instgram kicks ass, so it's no surprise that her Miss Ashleigh swatches look delicious. Yes, delicious. 

First up, Meet Me At The Candy Bar. MMATCB is a gorgeous Barbie pink. Belinda achieved this look with just two coats of MMATCB and one coat of top coat. Shop the look!

Going one step further with her MMATCB mani, Belinda added some Miss Ashleigh 'Diamonds darling' and Miss Ashleigh 'Just Bead It! Baby Pink'. Shop the look here and here

Below is Berry Delicious which, let's face it, looks berry delicious! Belinda achieved this look with two coats of Miss Ashleigh 'Berry Delicious' and one coat of top coat. Shop the look!

To glam it up, Belinda added one coat of Showstopper for a little glitz. Shop the look!

Belinda's swatch of The Devil Wears Nada proves why this polish is the second best kind of nude. Oh. La. La. This is three coats of TDWN and one coat of top coat. Shop the look!

Bird Of Paradise is one of my favourite summer brights, it's a neon orange-red creme that will knock your socks off. Belinda wears it below in three coats of BoP and one coat of top coat. Shop the look

Belinda wears BoP below in a way that hadn't crossed my mind, mattified! She achieved this look with just one coat of our Matte Hatter top coat. Shop the look!

And last but certainly not least, Lady Bug. Belinda wears it below in two coats of Lady Bug and one coat of top coat. Shop the look!

A huge thank you to Belinda for these beautiful swatches! Hope you all enjoy x

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