Tuesday, 9 April 2013

So here I am, blogging. Or as I like to call it, successfully managing to intertwine three of my favourite things in life – writing, nail polish and listening to the sound of my own voice. With the website up and running it seemed like the obvious next step and I really wanted a forum where I could properly address and discuss the important life questions that might be weighing heavy on your mind. Like, ‘If I break a nail, will the world end?’, or ‘Does my thumb look fat in this?’.

My relationship with nail polish, or more specifically nail art, has been a bit like a forbidden love. Nail art wasn’t considered worthy of my time by a lot of people, despite how happy I insisted I was to be indulging in it. Creating a nail polish brand was regarded much the same. It’s lucky I’m such a stubborn cow or else I would have given up on it all a long time ago.

When I first dipped my fingers into the nail art pool nearly two years ago, my friends and family watched on with raised eyebrows and mused “how can you be bothered?”. These days, I spot accent nails on a daily basis (my bestie’s boyfriend even knows what one is). People regularly quip ‘I love your nails, where do you get them done?’ (I do them myself bitch). Yesterday, my girlfriend – who only started wearing nail polish in the last 6 months – sent me a photo of a tape mani she’d just created (which I have featured below), I felt like a proud mumma!
Streeto's first tape mani! She wears Miss Ashleigh 'The Devil Wears Nada' and 'Pin-Up Girl!'
Nail polish and nail art has worked its way into mainstream fashion, people are embracing it, and it’s about bloody time!

If you have a question you’d like discussed on the blog, or even if you just want to say whaddup, shoot through an email via the contact page.

Thank you all for helping to get Miss Ashleigh up off the ground, without you I would just have been one girl, sitting at home, looking at a lot of polish. I mean, I would have been happy still, but this way is definitely better.

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  1. Love your writing Girl! Such a Natural! ;)