Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Let's talk about first base

I have had several people ask the question, ‘Do I really need to use base coat?, and  I like to equate it to asking the dentist, ‘Do I really need to use toothpaste?’ If you don’t use toothpaste, sooner or later those pearly whites are going to end up stained, yellowed and damaged (plus, your breath will pong). Cut out base coat and the results are the same, minus – of course – the bad breath.

To me, base coat is not an optional step (nor is top coat, but for different reasons and we’ll save that for a different post!). It is also not a difficult step, which is even more reason not to skip it! It’s quick drying and you don’t need to be too neat with it, so if you weigh up an extra two minutes added to your allocated mani time vs stained, yellow nails then it’s really a no brainer.

Why should I use a base coat?

There are two main reasons to use base coat. The first one is that base coat helps nail polish stick – it’s the best way to get a good bond to the nail plate and it provides a smooth, even surface for applying colour. So if you are looking for a longer lasting manicure – and let’s face it, aren’t we all? – then make sure you are slapping on your base coat first. You are likely to extend your mani by a day or two and you’ll notice your colour glides on easier as well!

Ok, I’m listening...

The second reason is that base coat helps prevent staining (this is where the toothpaste analogy comes in) and when I say 'staining' there are two different ways your nail can be 'stained'. The first is due to highly pigmented polishes, particularly dark shades (think blues, blacks, reds). Some highly pigmented polishes can seep into, and stain, the nail. Have you ever removed red nail polish only to discover that your natural nail underneath now looks like a crime scene? We've all been there. It's extremely frustrating and it requires some painstaking soaking to remove it. The other type of staining, is a yellow discolouration on top of your nail. And I’m not talking ‘Seal Yellow’ made popular during the first season of The Voice. I’m talking stained, unhealthy, yellow nails. This is due to excessive nail polish use without using a base coat. 


But wait, there's more! If you have nails that are weak, peel, have ridges etc, there are specific base coats aimed at correcting those problem areas. For everyday use, we do a Miss Ashleigh Base Coat – recommended for people without any existing problems mentioned above, which you can find in store.

Now go forth and polish, and remember - it all starts at first base!

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