Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Upcoming Collection

It's been a long time in between posts and imma gon go allll out today and do two posts. One with swatches, one with pre-order deets. Prepare yo selves!

Oh, and I'm half gansta today.

Ok, gansta time over.

This first post is to introduce our new collection, which I have been referring to as our 'upcoming collection' for so long now that it actually feels like that's the collection name. The Upcoming Collection. It works.

As usual, we sent some samples out to our wonderful polish swatcher Belinda (who you can find on Instagram as @nailingaround) as well as a new swatcher Tammy (who you can find on Instagram as @ohmygoshpolish). Belinda brings us the drool worthy swatches, Tammy brings us the fabulous nail art - together they may just take over the world.

Without further ado or unnecessary rambling, meet the newest additions to the family:

'A Clean Slate' (we've all prayed for one of them before). A Clean Slate is a beautiful soft grey creme. I find that I reach for this one the most as a bit of a palette cleanser. Belinda wears it here as two coats plus topcoat.

'This Camo Is Whammo!'. Yes m'am it is. The perfect shade for when you're hiding in bushes with binoculars. Belinda wears two coats + topcoat. 
'In The Navy'. Camo, Navy - is this a tribute to the troops? In The Navy is a shimmery deep navy blue - it has a subtle shimmer that looks ab fab in natural sunlight. Belinda wears two coats + topcoats. 

'My Merlot Made Me Do It'. Honestly, has there ever been a better excuse for, well, anything? My Merlot Made Me Do It is a vampy red, I love this shade for the cooler weather. It's an excellent pairing (if you're +18) with a glass - or bottle, whatever - of merlot and if anything goes wrong then at least you've already got your excuse lined up! Belinda wears two coats + topcoat
'Hot Flush'. As one of my customers quipped, 'menopause has never looked so glamorous'. I think that says it all really. This was the first thermal we introduced to you ladies and your response was like watching an episode of Girls Gone Wild. Consequently, we've added two more thermals to the collection. Well played ladies, well played. Belinda put together a four stage pictorial of how this purple to pink thermal works, in it's natural cold state the polish is a dark purple and when hot it transitions to a pink/magenta. Transition stages are usually more of a magenta. The polish has scattered holo throughout, so be sure to dance your fingers around in natural sunlight when wearing it. Belinda wears three thin coats + topcoat. 

'Tickled Pink'. This is exactly how we felt when we came up with this one, so it was easy to name. It's an eye-searing neon pink with scattered holo throughout. I like to throw this on when winter is making life feeling a bit dreary. Or when I want to stare at my nails all day. Belinda wears three coats + topcoat.  
Now, the additional thermals. 'Kryptonite'. We all have our weaknesses, this is one of ours! It's a mossy green to lime green thermal, with scattered holo throughout. We didn't get this to Belinda on time, so I've swatched it below. I wore three coats + topcoat. 
And finally 'Supernova'. Super pretty. Super thermal. Super get-on-my-fingers-immediately. It's natural state is similar to that of Hot Flush, but Supernova transitions to blue. It has silver glitter mix throughout (hex and the occasional star), scattered holo, and magenta round glitter. Swatched by me again, three coats + top coat. 
And to finish over, we have a selection of nail art by Tammy using the colours from The Upcoming Collection, Tammy often provides video tutorials on her Instagram if you would like to learn how to do any of these designs!

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